Category: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Obstetrical Delivery Set
Manufacturer: G. Kern and Tiemann & Co.

Description: 18“x 14” Leather pouch contains steel Simpsons perforator 12”, no mark, blunt hook and crotchet 12”, no mark, vectis 13” with ebony handle, Thomas’s forceps, 12” labeled Kern with composition or bone handle, and Jenks forceps 13.5” marked Tiemann with bone handle. Part of a paper label is under the strap — “SK CUED”. This pouch was probably carried by a physician at a time when all that could be offered in the case of a delivery problem was to remove the baby destructively. A nice example of the terrible decisions early physicians had to face in complicated deliveries.

Reference 1: 54

Sims Dilating Bivalve Speculum
Blunt Hook and Crotchet, Clarkes
Obstetrical Delivery Set
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