Category: Pre 19th Century Instruments
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Name: Pre 19th Century Instruments

Description: There are a large number of pre 19th century instruments included in this website. They are each listed under the category that applies most closely to their original use. Individuals who wish specifically to review items that are of that age among related objects should search for them by name, manufacturer or date. Alternatively each of the items of that age can be viewed here. To review the objects in the more general categories see:

Votif 1600
Drug Jar, Arborello Italy 1625
Drug Jar, Arborello Italy 1650
Seton 1650
Uroscopy Flask 1650
Autopsy Hammer W.S. Ford 1660
Speculum, Urethral or Vaginal 1680
Microscope, Wilson type, screw barrel 1700
Molar Extractor 1714
Hourglass 15 second 1720
Bladder Dilator 1650
Culpepper Microscope Lincoln 1750
Culpepper Microscope 2 Urings 1750
Multibladed Phleam 1750
Pelican 1750
Cupping Device 1750
Three bladed Lancet 1750
Searce 1750
Single Blade Brass Scarificator 1750
Apothecary Jar 1750
Apothecary Jar, tincture 1750
Drug Jar, Syrup Jar Italy 1750
Drug Jar, Arborello Italy 1750
Etui ~unknown 1775
Bleeding Lancets, shagren cased set 1780
Bleeding Bowl Pewter Hallmarked CAC with a crown and p 1780
Resuscitation Set 1780
Amputation Saw, Ivory Handle 1780

Leeds Cream Ware Leeches Jar 1780
Trephine Set 1780
Bleeding and Cupping Set 1780
French Trepanning Set 1780
Surgical Compendium 1780
Saddle Bags 1790
Amputation Saw, Major 1790
Multibladed Phleam 1795
Mortar and Pestle, Brass Contratta, Palermo 1800
Tooth Extractor in Metal Box 1800
Bleeder, Homemade 1800
Bleeder, Brass 1800
Leech Jar 1800
Trephine 1800
Perkins Tractors 1800
Drug jar 1800
Horn cup 1800