Category: Pre 19th Century Instruments
Estimated Date: 1600
Name: Votive
Manufacturer: unknown

Description: Stone heart, 4” from the base to the apex, 2.75” at base, 1.25” thickest, it is accurately shaped with aorta. superior vena cava and inferior vena cava represented. X-ray reveals a hole from superior to inferior vena cava. There is a vessel impression below the aorta and a linear one below that. Label no. 00327 is on the back from a previous collection? Almost like a cast but appears to be made of stone. Most likely represents a votive used as an offering seeking a cure. It could also be an anatomic model, but would be of an unusual material. Votive body parts were commonly used in antiquity and up to today seeking a cure for an ailment involving that part of the body. See an example from the British Museum

Reference 1: 281

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