Category: Therapy
Estimated Date: 1890
Name: Syringe(hypodermic)
Manufacturer: The Randall Fatchley Co.

Description: 3.5“x 2“x 7/8” red leatherette box with plush red silk lining contains a 2.75“x 3/8” nickel plated syringe. The metal tube is slit on two sides to to reveal a glass tube. 3 needles. The plunger is metal, calibrated and has a rubber tip. There is a screw tip on the end of the syringe where the needles screw on. Contained in there is a small paper folder containing powder and labeled “Sulph. Morphia”. There is a second smaller syringe of similar type with the mnfr name.

Reference 1: 251

Doctors Bag
Iodometre, iodine inhalation apparatus
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