Category: Urology
Estimated Date: 1830
Name: Urethral Dilator, Female
Manufacturer: Weiss

Description: 6.5“x 3.5” red leatherette violin shaped case contains a 5 3/4” long dilator with 1.25” of its length a 3/4” wide checkered ebony handle. Mounted on 3” x 1 3/4 “ x 1/4” hexagonal ivory base with the ebony on one side and the remainder of the dilator two blades of steel. Turning the handle spreads the blades with a circular caliper on one side of the ivory mount and a ratchet implemented by a lever on the other side. Label in the box reads: “J. Weiss, surgical instrument maker to the Royal Navy. Army, the Hon East India Company… and Greenwich Hospital. Gained by his various inventions and improvements. Manufacturer of all sorts of improved cutlery and razors no. 62 Strand opposite Bedford Street, London, Removed from no. 33.”

Urethral Dilator, Female