Category: Gastro Intestinal
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Proctoscopy Set
Manufacturer: A S Aloe

Description: 9×7×3 3/4” red velvet lined pine box with leatherette covering and white metal escutcheon, 4 1×3.25 10 sided bottle with cut glass cap for med, from Smith and Co. San Francisco, 3 specula, 4“x5“x5.5” one side slides out for side view with mirror prior to bullet shaped end. Handles checkered ebony on metal, detachable, 3.5” sterling syringes and silver probes (3) and rubber coated probe. Aloes speculum. The rubber covered probe is a vertebrated recto-colonic exploring sound and is made with separate pieces of rubber as found in the case. One probe is Gibsons instrument for the introduction of a ligature in anal fistula. There are also two short needles present.

Reference 1: 57

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Proctoscopy Set
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