Category: Hematology
Estimated Date: 1891
Name: Transfusion Apparatus
Manufacturer: Down Bros

Description: 13.25“x 3.25“x 2” pinewood box contains a 12” glass syringe, 1.25” diameter with asbestos wrapped plunger.. There is also a clamp in the box, a large needle and a 0.5“x. 5” measuring glass as well as rubber tubing to connect the syringe to the needle. Abstract of an article from lancet by W. Arbuthot Lane, Sept 13, 1891 is pasted in lid and a midwifery article is pasted on the outside of the lid (see illustrations). All fitted in case. This is a remarkable example of early attempts at transfusion and fluid replacement. Probably used for hemorhage during childbirth.

Reference 1: 43

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Transfusion Apparatus
Apparat zur Zahlung Roter and Weisser Blutkorperchen