Category: Misc. Diagnostic
Estimated Date: 1961
Name: Lange Skinfold Caliper
Manufacturer: Cambridge Scientific Industries

Description: 7.5” stainless steel piece. Handle is pistol grip type with semicircular gauge calibrated from 0 to 66. A lever opens sprung arms 2” long and curved to meet to measure skinfold thickness. Patent #3008239. A version of this instrument is still being sold. The device was developed in the Aeronautical Research Laboratory at the Univeristy of Kentucky ( Department of Mechanical Engineering). Professor E. B. Penrod, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, directed the activities of the laboratory until Dr. Karl O. Lange was appointed laboratory director in 1953. The laboratory, however, continued as a unit of the Mechanical Engineering Department. and the caliper was developed as part of Dr. Lange’s research interest.

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Lange Skinfold Caliper