Category: Sphygmograph
Estimated Date: 1910
Name: Jacquet Sphygmograph
Manufacturer: James Jacquet A/G

Description: 5” x 4” x 4” red leatherette box contains 4“x 5“x 2” sphygmograph in two parts. The wrist strap is separate and is a metal platform which attaches to the instrument and leather strap with three buckles, the instrument has a screw for adjusting the pressure on the arm, a box containing clockworks to run the paper and timer and needle for pulse and diaphragm to connect to optional device. This is a complex device, which took the Dudgeons several steps further and refined it into a finely made instrument with blued steel screws and quality nickle plating. The wrist band is secure and the instrument heavily constructed with a needle for the pulse, the timer at 1/5 second and an air activated needle attachment to connect to the venous or cardiac pulse detector. The device also came as a simple recorder without the peripheral attachment and a more complex one, which could handle two peripherals. See another example.

Reference 1: 415

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