Category: Sphygmomanometer
Estimated Date: 1898
Name: Hill and Barnard Sphygmomanometer
Manufacturer: James J. Hicks

Description: 9” x 7” x 3.5” burgundy leatherette covered box contains 4 5/8” round dial, 2“H, lablelled Hill and Barnard Sphygmometer, J. Hicks sole maker, No.53, Patent 11719 with dial mm Hg to 250. One 3/4” connecting tube with a side arm, hardened ribbed red rubber tubing connector with metal ends and a 5” x 7/8” metal pump labeled Ross Courtney & Co. Engineers. There is a certification dated Jan 24, 1898. There is also a rubber pump with webbed cord, which is completely hardened and broken up in the case. The arm band is missing but there is a compartment i the lid and the bottom. Everything is fitted. The certificate reads: Certificate of Examination of the New Patent Sphygmometer sole manufacturer James J. Hicks…. Invented by Messrs Leonard Hill and Harold Barnard of the London Hospital This instrument No. 53 has been carefully tested by the inventors and found to work accurately 24/01/1898.

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