Category: Stethoscope
Estimated Date: 1830
Name: Stethoscope, Modified Laennec
Manufacturer: Unknown

Description: 5 7/8” long 1“d walnut stethoscope, ivory earpiece 1 7/8“d turned with rings, ivory washer at 5”. The remainder is an extension with a rounded end and with an insert which forms the usual hollowed out end of the Laennec. There is the usual brass tube to hold this piece on. Major modifications are diameter is slightly reduced, end is rounded and the stethoscope is basically one piece and short instead of two.

Reference 1: 152

Stethoscope , Laenecs
Laennec Stethoscope
Stethoscope, Modified Laennec
Stethoscope , Piorry
Stethoscope , Piorry