Category: Art
Estimated Date: 1870
Name: Auzoux Anatomic Manikin
Manufacturer: Auzoux

Description: 4’ tall paper mache like anatomic model of a man. One half is dissected beneath the skin, the other to the bone, chest comes off to reveal individual organs, head also disassembles. Faithful anatomic detail, mounted on a metal base with a rod. Auzoux was a French physician who developed a cottage industry producing these remarkably accurate anatomic models for medical schools. They were meant to relieve a shortage of cadavers for dissection. The paper machier like material that they are made of was a secret composition. They came in a variety of sizes. The female version on this website is life size and includes a uterus although the arms are missing and the paint is not nearly as well preserved. See Auzoux Anatomic Manikin.

Reference 1: 237

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