The following medical history related links are given for further reference:

General Historical

Museum of Health Care at Kingston

The William P Didusch Center for Urologic History

Images from the National Library of Medicine

The Dittrick Medical History Center

The Science Museum, Medicine and Biology

London Museums of Health and Medicine

The Royal College of Surgeons

Indiana Medical History Museum

Medical Museum, Copenhagen University

Museum of Quackery

Museum of Civil War Medicine

Tayside Medical History Museum

The Garret

Medical Instrument Collections

Phisick Medical Antiques

American Civil War Surgical Antiques

Medical Antiques Online

Collect Medical Antiques

Medical Antiques

Sawbones Antiques

Museum of Antique Dental Instruments

The Gapultos Collection

Collections Rocchini –Dumas

Lancet Collection of Tom Yarbrough DVM

Noah Medical Antiques

In addition to the links given about there are numerous collectors and dealers that have sites of value to individuals with an interest in medical history. These are easily found with any of the commonly used search engines. Terms to use in these searches include:

medical history, medical antiques, medical artifacts, surgical history, surgical artifacts. Search’s for specific items should use applicable terms. In addition many sites have a long list of other useful links. There are many useful dealer sites available as well.