Category: Bleeding and Cupping
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Cupping Set
Manufacturer: Luer and Apron

Description: Huge set in an oak box 17“x 5“x 14” with brass handles and latch.Lined with a very old gray felt. Contains 33 valved cups, a brass syringe Luer and a hard rubber bulb Apron each for evacuating the cups which are 1.75” diameter and 4” high including the brass valve fitting. The cups are labeled by Luer and Apron. Rectangular and oval knobs on valve respectively. 2 vials caustic in compartment. Bleeder missing from its compartment. Probably was for hospital use. A good example of a set with mixed manufacturers that is clearly the original contents.

Reference 1: 265

Brass Scarificator, French
Multibladed Phleam
Multibladed Phleam
Cupping Set