Category: Bleeding and Cupping
Estimated Date: 1850
Name: Cupping set including vacuum pump
Manufacturer: John and Wm Wood

Description: 12“x 6“x 4.5” leather covered case, red velvet lining. Contains a 12 bladed lacquered brass scarifier with mnfr name, four cups each with a brass cap with a hole for insertion of pump inside of cap, 3“x3’, 2.5“x 2.75”, 2” x 2.5”, and an oval one 2“x “1.5 oval 2” high. Most impressive part is an elaborate pump yellow enamel with gilt floral design, 7“x3“x 2’ with brass fittings, attachment for cups and pump handle. This is one of the most ornate bleeding sets that I have ever seen.

Cupping set including vacuum pump
Single Blade Brass Scarificator
Ink Eraser ( Bleeder?)
Cupping Device
Bleeding Bowl