Category: Cased Set
Estimated Date: 1850
Name: Surgeons Chest
Manufacturer: Read

Description: Large general purpose naval or military surgeons chest with 48 assorted instruments for amputation, trephining, dentistry, drainage, extraction of bullets etc. Most with ebony handles. A few replacements, but with this type of set the originals were often from mixed manufacturers. Brass bound mahogany box (cracked). 19.5” x9.75“x 4.75” with original key. Two layers, plus two saws in lid, tourniquets, urologic instruments. Pieces by Weiss, Millikin. It is impossible to know the nature of replacement pieces. In some cases they are original,having been acquired by the owner. Some physicians bought the chest and then filled it or chose instruments from various manufacturers that they preferred. In many instances the pieces are later replacements in an effort to make the chest appear complete. This type of set was meant to be a complete compendium of the type that would be needed on a vessel where limited resources were available or during a military campaign.

Reference 1: 24

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Surgeons Chest
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