Category: Medicine Bottles
Estimated Date: 1864
Name: Johnstons Iodized extract of Sarsaparilla
Manufacturer: Michigan Drug co. Detroit

Description: Embossed: Yes
Label: Yes
Contents: Yes
Color: Acqua
Pontilled: Molded

10.25” x 4 “x 2.25” bottle with label complete with detail of usesand administration.Embossed Michigan Drug co. Detroit, label on back containsdirections label on front is name and indicationsFor liver complaints and purifying the blood.

Reference 1: 305

Expectoral Wild Cherry Tonic
Balsam of Wild Cherry and Tar
Dr. Kaufmanns Bitters
Sample Bottle, Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney Cure
Johnstons Iodized extract of Sarsaparilla