Category: Medicine Chest
Estimated Date: 1862
Name: Medical Panier
Manufacturer: T. Moris Perot

Description: 15.5“x 6“x 12” black cloth covered box with straps to wear as back pack, flaps open to drawers, which are hinged to slide out in front of bottom compartment. Top contains a medicine case with 17 of 20 screw top vials with meds and hand labels, probably not original. Bottom has three compartments, one a metal case with a solidified material, middle 11 medicine contains 5 metal, six glass, labels are T. Morris Perot and Co. Philadelphia. Tins are japanned and all are also labelled US Med Dept. Last compartment contains a very large japanned tin 5” x 3“x 3.5” labelled Spiritus Frumenti. Also contained a book of supplies from the US Army, which is dated 1863. This chest has been donated to the Museum of the Medical History of the Civil War and can be seen on display there in Fredrick, Md. During journeys away from the base hospital the chest was worn by a corpsman who worked with the physician to take care of wounded or ill soldiers.

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