Category: Ophthalmology
Estimated Date: 1900
Name: Ophthalmoscope, Snells
Manufacturer: Down Bros

Description: 2.75” x 1.25” metal rectangle with circular dial for lens to view retina, rectangular mirror on one side to reflect light and the whole attached to a headband for wearing on the head. The ophthalmoscope mirror pivots on a ball joint. Some years ago I purchased at auction a carton of instruments from the descendant of a Glasgow optician who had been interested in X-Rays. The carton contained a vial of radium. This ophthalmoscope was in the carton as well (Blaufox, MD, Constable AR: Antique Hazards: A Latter Day Encounter with Radium. J. Nucl. Med.24:79’82, 1983.). It has been thoroughly decontaminated. The ophthalmoscope shown in the reference has a cover for the side with the mirror to protect it. This is either a sample modified by the manufacturer for the convenience of leaving the hands free or perhaps a special adaptation for an ophthalmologist of the time who discarded the cover. The other side shows the name of the ophthalmoscope with the manufacturer, Down. There is a small pin that can be moved to cover the eyepiece to protect it. The instrument is shown with the eyepiece cover closed and open..

Reference 1: 48

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