Category: Ophthalmology
Estimated Date: 1890
Name: Surgical Set, Ophthalmic
Manufacturer: John Weiss and Son

Description: 12 5/8“x 8.25“x 3.25” mahogany case with two wooden lift out drawers in base, red velvet lined. Top tray contains 22 ivory handled ophthalmic tools plus forceps , second tray 33 ivory handled tools, base has sharpener, silver duct probes in wooden case, gold lid retractors, 12 assorted scissors and forceps and suture material, 6 pieces missing. All pieces signed Weiss. The use of ivory made the surgical tools aesthetically appealing but impossible to sterilize. As soon as concepts of sterilization were widely accepted they were replaced by chrome plating or stainless steel. The instruments themselves, are not greatly different in form and use from a modern day surgery.

Reference 1: 41

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