Category: Pre 19th Century Instruments
Estimated Date: 1780
Name: Bleeding and Cupping Set

Description: 9“x 6“x 5” covered wicker basket containing 6“x 2“x 3” tin lamp, 1.75“x 1“x 1.25” brass bleeder, and 28 tin cups. All very primitive and hand made as is the wicker basket and the lamp. The bleeder is commercial with a box missing the lid. This was said by the previous owner to have been brought in by an elderly lady who said it had been in her family for several generations. It is not a true set but rather a collection of materials for bleeding and cupping probably at home. The treatment was so popular that patients were frequently treated for almost any disease by family members, so it certainly is reasonable that a primitive set such as this would be from a household.

Reference 1: 293

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Bleeding and Cupping Set
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