Category: Pre 19th Century Instruments
Estimated Date: 1790
Name: Saddle Bags

Description: Two saddle bags 6“x 6.5“x 1.5” of brown leather with a 3” wide strap on the back of each to join them which has broken. The bags are closed by a flap with a leather strap inserted in a steel buckle. One bag has most of the strap intact. Loops for 5 vials in each, 1 pontilled vial present. Vial unusual because it has a pontil mark and a bottle seam. Contains a thick brown material in the lipped vial. The bags also contain 14 packets of what appear to be crude materia medica in paper wrappers, which are tied with string of the period. One bag has a name written under the flap that looks like Dr. Foire. One packet containing a white powder that probably is a replacement. The paper is like cardboard and not of the period. Written on this piece is “Medicine used (neuf s.c.) F.De Horris MD. Several other packets contain writing but they are illegible.

Reference 1: 311

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