Category: Surgery
Estimated Date: 1830
Name: Surgical Chest
Manufacturer: Samson

Description: 20.25“x 8.5“x 6.25” walnut chest, escutcheon le Dr. Martin Saint Ange, bound in brass with brass handles on ends. Four layers, top lid :7 pieces, two tourniquets one wooden, one multipiece C clamp ,forceps, needles missing 2 syringes and set of catheters. All of case bound in red velvet. Top layer of lid 14 pieces, 4 cautery, 5 various forceps, trocar, 2 scissors, 3 extractors, file in hidden compartment one empty. Bottom layer has 12 pieces: 1 scissor, 1 tourniquet, 3 forceps, two amputation saws, 3 smaller forceps, one elevator. Top Layer has 25 pieces: 19 various knives, and retractors, one giglie saw, one probe, 1 forceps. This extensive set includes 25 pieces with ivory handles, each cross hatched and with the initials of the owner MSAin highly stylized writing. It is one of the most extensive and exquisite capital operating sets I have encountered. The reference is to a publication by the original owner Martin St Ange who was an embryologist..This is undoubtedly a presentation set for graduation from medical school. The manufacturer is said to have made sets for the personal physician of Napolean Bonaparte.

Reference 1: 458

Razor Paste
Surgeons Chest
Surgical Chest