Category: Cures Radionuclides
Estimated Date: 1920
Name: Radiothor
Manufacturer: Bailey Radium Laboratories

Description: Small vial labelled radiothor. Wipe revealed a small amount of beta or alpha activity residual. The glass vial is brown and measures 2” x 1 1/4”. The label reads certified radioactive water contains radium and mesothorium. The chart showing the accumulated radioactivity in the skeleton of Eban Byers is shown here as well as the advertising material and a booklet that is combined advertising and sphintharyscope. Byers was prescribed this by his physician and felt improved when he took it. He took increasing amount over sveral years and finally died a horrible death from radiation poisoning. This was one of the events that led to the regulation of radioactive materials in the 1920’s and an appreciation of the potential dangers.

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