Category: Medicine Chest
Estimated Date: 1890
Name: Medical Chest, metal
Manufacturer: Burroughs Welcome

Description: 15.25×10.5×9” metal chest with brass handles and trim, metal latch opens to each side to reveal bottom compartment with space for 40 bottles, some missing, most have contents, labeled Tabloid , Burroughs Wellcome and Co., etc. A black screw top vial contains iodoform, metal tin with morphine suppositories, some other replacement vials, bottles are 4.5×1.5 sq. bottom case is wood inset . One compartment in the lid contains correspondance dated 1907 and ephemera including notes, card addressed to Dr. Cummings. Also a tourniquet, bandages, needles, partof a lamp and minum glass. Other compartment contains12 packages of varous type bandages.

Reference 1: 240