Category: Pre 19th Century Instruments Resuscitation
Estimated Date: 1780
Name: Resuscitation Set

Description: Brass bound mahogany chest 16.5“x 9.5:x 3”. Lined with a green material, felt like characteristic of the 18th century. Oak and brass bellows with leather trim which, is in remarkably good condition 14.5” long. 3 3/4” ivory fittings for nose? Mahogany and brass tobacco smoker 10.5” long, chamber 2.5” diameter. Ivory syringe 5“x 1” with 7.5” leather and wire tube for lungs 3 tubes 28, 29, 10 with brass fitting 2 catheters. A beautiful example of a tobacco enema set. One compartment is empty but otherwise the set appears complete. The enema tube, which would have been made of ivory presumably went into this compartment and is missing.This set was said to originally be in the possession of the DuPont family, being kept in the home in case of an emergency. The leather is in superb condition for a device of this age.

Reference 1: 286