Category: Sphygmograph
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Sphygmograph, Dudgeons
Manufacturer: S. Maw son and Thompson

Description: Classic nickle plated dudgeon sphygmograph with intact clockwork mechanism in a square housing, ivory inset tension knob, black ribbon strap and pressure sensor and recorder for pulse on smoked paper. Contained in a black papered box, 3“x 2“x 3.” The instrument is marked Allan and Hanbury, London but the box is marked S.Maw. Pressure gauge is marked in troy oz from I to V. These are the most commonly enountered sphygmographs. Dudgeon’s monograph contains a most remarkable comment in his introductory review of the history of the sphygmograph (see ref). After referring to the Greek vivisector Herophilus he states:
“ From a vivisectionist point of view it is perhaps disappointing to think that the only physiological discovery Herophilus made, from all these hundreds of human viivisections, was that arteries pulsated, but he did not ascertain what the arteries contained…………..Every unprejudiced mind must allow that the discovery that human beings possess a pulse was cheaply purchased at the cost of six hundred human visections, for this discovery has been of incalculable use to the medical profession; though some cavilers might object that it might have been equally well made by applying the finger to the wrist; but then there are always unreasonable people to find fault with the methods of men of science”

Reference 1: 122