Category: Dental
Estimated Date: 1714
Name: Molar Extractor

Description: 5” molar extractor of steel with rivet joint. Brass plate or possibly even gold on each arm with a groove claw grip. Date (1714) is engraved on one plate. The other plate has writing as well but it is illegible. It has been suggested by some that these are nutcrackers and not dental instruments. The Museum of the History of Science at Oxford has a number of them one of which is pictured. The British Dental Association also shows one on its website. Finally in the book by Bennion (ref 303, bibliography), a number of instruments are shown on p 51. All are identified as dental forceps. They may well have been of dual purpose, but their use as tooth extractors appears to be unquestionable.

Reference 1: 286

Molar Extractor
Tooth Key