Category: Nephrology
Estimated Date: 1930
Name: Urea test kit
Manufacturer: Poulenc Freres

Description: 6.5“x4“x1.25” black box with metal plate Les Etablissements Poulenc freres Constructeurs, Paris,117 red velvet lined contains 3 bottles 2“x0.5“x0.75” each with a 1” rubber bulb stopper, two 2×3/8” test tubes with rubber stoppers, a 3” pipette and a 5” pipette with mixing chamber and calibrated 1 and 101 with rubber tube and a glass mouthpiece and a 2.25” steel lancet with metal covers.

Chromoscope Nephrometrique
Esbachs Albuminometer
Urea test kit
Uroscopy Flask