Stethoscope Drawings: The drawings on the following pages were given to me by the widow of Dr. Nolie Mumie. Dr Mumie was a remarkable physician from Denver with a lifelong interest in medical antiques, books and numerous other subjects. He was the first flight surgeon for Continental Airlines. It was his custom to write monographs on a variety of subjects that he would print privately and give to friends. He published a nice monograph on Laennec and gave about 100 copies away with reproductions of an early model of the Laennec Stethoscope. The drawings here were prepared in preparation for a monograph on the stehocope that was never published. Mrs. Mumie gave me the drawings with a request that I use them, and related materials for a publication on the stethoscope. That material led to my book on the stethoscope that was published with a dedication to Dr. Mumie. The drawings are of a fine quality and have been donated to the Dittrich Museum in Cleveland where they now reside. There are a number of drawings of instruments that I never managed to acquire. Most are in my collection, which also is now at the Dittrich Museum and are shown in the pages on the stethoscope.

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