Category: Quackery
Estimated Date: 1870
Name: Baunschiedt Lebenswecker
Manufacturer: Dr. Lipdau

Description: 11.5“x2.5“x0.75” purple velvet lined case contains 10” long, hard wood tube with a cap unscrews from end to reveal a plate with numerous sharp needles. The other end is a 1” rod which can be pulled back activating a spring. When the rod is released the needles thrust forward to perforate the skin. Case also contains a 3.5“x0.5” hollow wood rod and a 2.75“x1” bottle, which contained the oil, rod may have been a brush to administer the oil. The top of the case, which is an odd shape has a label “Le Reveilleur de la vie, instrument revulseur bte sgdg. par le dr Lipkau, depot general, 5 rue scribe Paris. On the end of the instrument next to the cap the work Dr. Lipkau and the letters sgdg are embossed. Used with a special counter irritant oil.

Reference 1: 80

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