Category: Quackery
Estimated Date: 1920
Name: Spectro-Chrome Machine

Description: This blue metal box is attached to a metal stand. It is 64“h x 27“w x 42” deep. The stand is partially shown in the second image. It has a viewing port and associated controls that are accessed by opening the lid. Inside there are several colored filters and a large bulb. The star shaped object is a religious symbol of India. The device was developed by Dinshah P. Ghadiali. An excellent description of this device, its use and its inventor can be found on the following website: Dinshah Dinshah is the subject of a two page critique in the AMA ‘s third volume on Nostrums and Quackery and Pseudo-Medicine (ref 67). They quote his claim that ““Spectro-Chrome Therapy” consisted in the “restoration of the human Radio-Active and Radio-Emanative Equilibrium by Attuned Color Waves.”

Reference 1: 67

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