Category: Therapy
Estimated Date: 1910
Name: Transfusion set
Manufacturer: Sklar

Description: 9.5“x 7.5’x 2” blond wood box with wooden partitions contains a stainless steel clamp shaped device to attach to a table, an upright t shaped stand, which screws into this, labeled Dr. Koster Apparatus with one end of labeled Don (for Donor) the other Rec (for Recipient). Also contains three 2 ml syringes with spring loaded plunger, steel fittings, extra fittings, tubing. Syringes have a picture of a barber pole with x emblem. The top of the t is open as are the arms. The top is also labeled Don (Donor) so there was a flow of blood from the donor to the recipient using the t as the pathway. A very rare relic of donor to patient transfusion.

Reference 1: 259

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