Category: Electricity
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Appareil D’Induction, volta Faradique
Manufacturer: A. Gaiffe

Description: 7.5“x 3.75“x 1.5” walnut box opens with two lids to reveal a compartment on one side with lead box with two covers to create a wet cell. Other side has a coil 3“x1” with accessories including 2 wooden handles, sponge, wet cloth sponge for handle, metal ball, two metal handles for sponges, sponge on a curved rod, wire brush. Serial no 57656. A nice description of this apparatus in detail can be found on the website accessed by clicking here.

Reference 1: 54

Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
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Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
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