Category: Electricity
Estimated Date: 1880
Name: Appareil D’Induction, volta Faradique
Manufacturer: A. Gaiffe

Description: 6.5“x4“x1.5” walnut box opens with outlets for wire connectors on one edge. A lead box with two covers to create a wet cell , a coil 2.75“x1” with accessories including 2 wooden handles, 1 metal handle, test tube and measuring spoon label in lid E.S. Greeley and Co., Manufacturers, Importers, Dealers in Electrical supplies 6,7 Deay St. N.Y. Tube sulfate mercury from Arlington, N.J. Another version, also produced by Gaiffe can be seen on the site.

Reference 1: 54

Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
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Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
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