Category: Electricity
Estimated Date: 1885
Name: Electro Magnetic Machine
Manufacturer: Dr. Jerome Kidder

Description: 8.75“x 3.5“x 2.5” coil and electrodes, has 8 screw top poles, a switch and a slide to adjust a solenoid. Round brass plate on top which is made of wood states Dr. Jerome Kidder, Inventor. Patent with numerous dates beginning in 1866 to 1876. Contained in a 9.75“x 3.5“x 3” oak box, no lid for display, which is modern replacement.

Reference 1: 58

Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
Quack Belt, Dr. Sanden
Appareil D'Induction, volta Faradique
Shock Electric Coil
Electro Magnetic Machine